Five things you should know about the future

10th July 2019
David Fletcher
Principal consultant, Audio Visual

It is easy to get lost in a world of unlimited possibilities and eccentric ideas when thinking about the future. However, the best place to start is always with what we know, so I have compiled my short list of what I think you should know about the future:

1. The definition of ‘work’ will need to be re-assessed

The nature of human work is continually evolving. Repetitive tasks that follow sets of rules have always been good targets for automation. As advanced technology becomes ever-more capable of replicating complex activities, the definition of what ‘work’ is will need to be re-assessed.  Even work done by general practitioners and teachers is now being considered for automation. Imagine no queues to see a doctor or schools where there is a dedicated teacher for every child?

2. Technology will be limited only by creativity

The potential future will challenge the value of physical and intellectual labour within our economic system in ways never seen before. The use of technology is limited only by our creativity and will continue to affect every aspect of our future including government, healthcare, the environment, retail, security and space to name but a few.

3. The fourth industrial revolution should be welcomed

We are currently in the fourth industrial revolution and it is likely to last a long time and, as it progresses through the decades, new technology presents the potential to raise income levels and improve the quality of life around the world and beyond.

This is the first revolution that hasn’t come from the discovery of a new energy, leaving it seemingly limitless.

4. Moral and ethical matters will need to be considered by society

As with revolutions before, moral and ethical matters will need to be considered by society. How to navigate the risk of disruption to traditional labour markets and avoid growing inequality will need careful thought.

5. All of will have the opportunity and power to shape the future

There will undoubtedly be changes and adaptions from the world we know today, something we will all play a part of in some way or another. All of us have the opportunity and power to shape the future positively and we can begin now.