My daily blog… from the year 2050

10th July 2019
Monica Feghali
Associate, Sustainable Resource Management

It’s 6:00 am, my alarm goes off, and my blackout window glass slowly fades to allow the beautiful sunlight of the Dubai desert to wake me up. Bytta, my digital personal assistant, greets me saying “Good morning Monica, you slept well. It will be a rainy day today, showers are expected throughout the day, I suggest you rock your rain shoes”

I ask Bytta “what am I doing today?”, Bytta summarises my plan for the day and asks if I would prefer breakfast at home or on the way to my meeting so she can arrange my transportation accordingly. I ask her to confirm my 8:00am meeting and say I’ll have my breakfast to go.

I then hop out of bed and head to the bathroom, the light increases slowly to help me energise. My morning radio show kicks in, and my shower that is set to my customised preference starts automatically to the water temperature I like.

Halfway through, Bytta tells me she will start preparing the coffee and asked if I wanted it to go or if would prefer to drink it at home before leaving, I answer that I’ll drink it as I get ready. As soon as I finish my shower, my in-house robot, Dorf, brings my coffee to my bedroom and sets it on the side table.

While I am enjoying my coffee, and getting dressed, I go over my holographic screen and catch up on my news and social media.

Bytta has checked for traffic and scheduled my ride to ensure I arrive for my meeting in time, she also gives me a 15-minute reminder before I have to leave so I can be ready to get out of the door.

Bytta has scheduled me a driverless e-fly car for my pick-up with my breakfast egg muffin already delivered by the McDrone.

I finish my set of morning meetings and get back in the car, then begin checking my e-mails presented on the holographic screen; my friend Kelly calls to see if I am available for lunch. I just got the new wireless integrated earpiece, and so it made it easier to be handsfree when talking on the phone. Bytta uses the GPS to coordinate both me and Kelly’s locations and suggest a place for lunch that matches both our diets and that is a perfect location for us to get there and back in time for the rest of our day’s schedule.

As I am with Kelly at lunch, a last-minute client meeting pops up that is located in Oman, Bytta then asks permission to book a pod on the skyline hyperloop that will get me there in 10 minutes.

I got to my meeting ahead of time, and the receptionist uploaded the wayfinding map to help me get to the meeting room through the building. The map uploaded as virtual reality directions on my e-contact lenses, so I could follow the virtual arrows through the corridors to find my way.

The client had a presentation deck he was referring to during the meeting, the presentation was transmitting directly on my touchtop screen, and I could insert my notes directly on my screen and drag items as needed.

On the journey back to Dubai, Bytta reminded me of my dinner party plans, at my friend Jenny’s apartment, and asked if I wanted to get something on the way to bring with me. I then asked her to go on so we can find a lovely fruit basket to pick. Through my contactless lens, I am then taken into 3d-amazon shop for a 3D virtual shopping experience, I walk through the aisles and pick out a basket to have delivered in 20 minutes by drone.

I finish my shopping and head to dinner. I arrive at my Jenny’s apartment on the 200th floor. Once inside I can see that we will be having Japanese cuisine tonight as the windows are set to project the beautiful Tokyo skyline and the in-house assistant is playing traditional Japanese music. After dinner, I ask Jenny for her dumpling recipe, her house assistant responds stating they have sent me the video of her making them. When it is time for dessert I check my levels of sugar, diary and carbs for the day on my monitoring wristband, it tells me I can have a small piece without going over my healthy daily limit.

I head home in a drone, full of lovely food but tired. Once home, Byatta plays soothing music, slowly darkens my bedroom and releases a calming mist into the air, allowing me to fully relax and fall asleep quickly.