My Daily diary… from the year 2050

10th July 2019
Anas Kassem
Director Transport & Infrastructure Programme & Project management


My pillow has measured my sleep throughout the night and begins to wake me up once I have reached the perfect length & quality of sleep. I asked Musaed, my online personal assistant, to remind me of my plans for the day. Today is my last working day of the week as technology has allowed us to streamline our tasks and reduce the working week to three days. Musaed , lets me know that my first appointment is a virtual meeting at 8.30, and asks if I would like it set up in my apartment or the communal virtual offices in my building. I choose to stay in my apartment


After my meeting, I continue to work on a new skyloop connecting Kuwait City to Abu Dhabi via their skyscrapers. This will be one of the first in the Middle East that connects over the Gulf. My dining room window transforms into a working touch screen that allows me to truly visualise the project.


Byatt has calculated that I should eat soon to optimise my energy levels, and orders me a Beyond Chicken (meat grown in a lab) and pita bread to be delivered to the drone hatch in my apartment. The packaging states the ingredients came from the vertical farm next to my building, meaning the carbon footprint is minimal.

3.00PM: I set off to meet my grandchildren from school, the communal automated vehicles that they usually use are safe and reliable

but I like to have the extra time with them during the journey so choose to accompany them. Without the need to drive, we can catch up, have snacks and connect. I am waiting for feedback from my client regarding the skyloop project, so I decide to take my augmented reality lenses, that will inform me of any updates without me needing to look at a screen.


I wrap up my work day by checking in on my team via hologram. Byatt then lets me know my grandchildren should eat soon so I ask her to show the menus of the restaurants in my building on my window screen and let them choose what they would like. We are informed that our meals are ready so take the elevator from the 150th floor to the ground floor resturant; it only takes 5 seconds, so our food is at our table and still hot when we arrive.


We go to the communal virtual classrooms in my building, and I help my grandchildren with their homework, displayed on the touchscreens are replays of the class that covered this subject. We are able to finish their work in 30 minutes, just in time for their pod to arrive to take them home.


Musaed reminds me that I have an early start tomorrow and to optimise my energy I should go to bed. The in-house robot brings my facewash and toothpaste to the sink and gets me a glass of water for my bedside table. Agtha slowly closes the blinds, and once settled in bed, my pillow begins to measure my sleep.