Making Cycle-friendly Cities an Integral Spoke in the Greater Mobility Mix

6th October 2021
Kenneth Cobb
Associate Director - Transport Planning & Mobility

From Berlin to Bogota, and everywhere in between, cycling has flourished in the wake of recent global events and the renaissance for alternative modes of transport is showing no sign of hitting the brakes.

In Dubai, and many other Middle Eastern cities, recent shifts in thinking are also changing up a gear to promote cycling as a mode of eco-friendly transit.

In this episode, we discuss emerging micro mobility trends, regional perspectives and attitudes towards cycling, as well as the role that public and private sectors can play in creating infrastructure that is safe, comfortable and convenient for people to travel by bicycle and other micro mobility modes.

Our Associate Director, Kenneth Cobb is joined by Michael Seth Wexler,  Managing Director of the Montreal Office at the Copenhagenize Design Company, the creators of the Copenhagenize Index – the world’s most comprehensive and holistic ranking of bicycle-friendly cities.

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WSP Middle East · Making Cycle-friendly Cities an Integral Spoke in the Greater Mobility Mix


Topics covered in this podcast…

  • Exploring what it takes to create bike friendly cities
  • How cities are having to think differently to make the shift from congested car and focused to bike friendly
  • Not all cities will reach the same levels of cycle use as in Copenhagen but infrastructure, coupled with marketing, can certainly help.
  • Can cities get smart and create opportunities for people to use bikes safely?
  • The importance of cities building the infrastructure for people to use.
  • Public transport numbers haven’t recovered – car use has in fact increased due to the pandemic
  • Experience and exposure to different modes of transport is important. When you start to notice bikes around you, you not only change your behaviour as a pedestrian or a car driver, you start to consider trying it in your daily life
  • Will e-bikes widen the appeal of cycling?
  • Cycling is not just for spandex clad sports cyclists – they are a legitimate transport option for almost everyone


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