The Power of Data – How Digital Twins are Revolutionising Airports

22nd June 2022
Sherif Bialy
Director of Infrastructure Supervision - T&I, KSA & UAE

The concept of digital twins is not new, but the ability to create accurate digital replicas has been limited by the availability of data and computing power. With the advent of the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing, it is now possible to create digital twins that are virtually identical to their physical counterparts. In this episode of the Anticipate podcast, Sherif Bialy, our Director of Infrastructure Supervision caught up with Dana Kawas. Dana is the Chief Executive Officer of Thynkli, a Canadian company that specializes in building digital operations using digital twins in infrastructure, mobility and energy. This episode explores some of the endless possibilities that digital twins might bring to the aviation and infrastructure industries and anticipates the possible impacts of digitalisation on the workforce.

WSP Middle East · The Power of Data – How Digital Twins are Revolutionising Airports

Unable to listen to the full episode? Here’s a snapshot of the key points discussed:

01:28 A digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes synchronized at a specific frequency and fidelity.

02:18 The soul of digital twins is your data which makes investing in the right technology to collect and feed the right data a necessity for the success of this virtual model.

02:30 Digital twins do not use one technology. They’re a combination of capabilities tailored for different outcomes.

03:15 A digital twin for an airport can enable its operational team to understand and prepare for passengers’ influx moving throughout the terminal, which helps in improving the passenger experience.

04:20 In order for an airport to yield the maximum value of this model, it should integrate its existing systems with different new technologies.

05:20 In infrastructure capital projects, digital twins connect and create visibility and transparency across the project lifecycle.

05: 45 In construction projects, digital twins can help you control your costs, and increase productivity.

07:37 For the engineering and construction industry there is no option but to go digital.

08:50 There have been a lot of big strides towards digital transformation in the construction industry, but definitely, we’ve got to use more data.

10:05 Digital twins will create new job opportunities but companies and governments need to work on digital upskilling of their workforce now.

13:00 Digital twins help make better decisions by allowing you to do what-if scenarios, what-now and what’s next.

13:55 Technology and construction are still male-dominated but this also presents an opportunity for those who want to cease it.

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