From Pledges to Actions – How do we accelerate the transition to circular economy?

11th August 2022
May Faraj
Senior Advisory Director - Environment & Sustainability

Global warming, climate change, ecosystem damage, and pollution are all linked to our current take-make-waste production model. In line with the ethos of the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, many organisations and governments started to integrate circular economy and sustainability targets into their agendas. However, a lot has to be done to move from pledges and planning to actual implementation.

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, May Faraj, Senior Advisory Director – Environment & Sustainability at WSP in the Middle East is joined by Dr Sherien Elagroudy, Founding Director of Egypt Solid Waste Management Center of Excellence to uncover the current realities of our linear production model. The episode also explores the enormous economic opportunities that we can achieve with the transition to economic circularity.

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WSP Middle East · From Pledges to Actions – How do we accelerate the transition to circular economy?


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01:00 – The economic benefits of sustainability and extended polluter responsibility (EPR)

03:30 – Using circular economy and EPR to incentivise the driving sectors of our economy to adopt more sustainable behaviours

05:50 – Establishing a successful financial model for the most problematic waste streams in our region

08:50 – The legal acts required to accelerate the transition to circularity

10:23 – The role of technology in transforming the way we manage waste

12:29 – The main challenges that slow down our transition to economic circularity

14:10 – How ready are we to transition to circular infrastructure?

17:30 – What projects present the best examples in the areas of waste management? What makes them stand out?


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