Anticipating COP27: What To Expect From the Next Major Climate Change Summit

31st October 2022
Sophia Kee
Head of Future Ready - Middle East

In November 2022, as world leaders and industry experts gather at the 27th annual session of the UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, WSP experts will be on-site to work alongside delegates as they seek to accelerate climate action.

This follows from COP26 and the Paris Agreement of 2015, which aligned signatories to curb temperature rise to 1.5°C, although that increase will result in more than 4 billion people being impacted by frequent climate shocks. So, what progress has been made in the seven years since that historic agreement was reached? And what do we need to see at COP27 if we are to make real strides toward averting catastrophic climate change?

In this episode of the Anticipate podcast, Sophia Kee, our Head of Future Ready is joined by David Symons, Climate Change and Sustainability Director at WSP in the UK to discuss the significance of COP27 as a key event in the fight against climate change and anticipate its implications for our planet, region, industry. They will also take a look at the anticipated key outcomes that could be in store from the summit.

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WSP Middle East · Anticipating COP27: What To Expect From the Next Major Climate Change Summit

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

02:00 – The impact of Glasgow’s COP 26 and how it affected the engineering industry in the UK

04:00 – The major achievements in the climate action domains since the Paris Agreement of 2015

06:38 – The climate commitments expected at COP27.

08:30 – A look at climate finance prospects and the 100 billion USD target set in 2009

11:10 – The move toward carbon penalties and incentives

14:06 – Setting interim targets to manage the national climate agenda

17:04 – The critical role of businesses and the opportunity that greenhouse gas leadership provides

18:53 – The overlap between COP27 and COP15 in Montreal in December.

17:36 – Demystifying the messages that come out of COP and translating them into tangible deliverable projects


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