Changing the game of event transportation and venue development

19th December 2022
Crystal McClelland
Content Editor

Efficient transport, mobility, and infrastructure are key factors in the successful hosting of major international events. This is mainly because of the significant role that these elements play in creating positive and memorable experiences for guests.

But the challenge is being able to strike a balance between providing these essential elements for major events while still providing a smooth guest experience with infrastructure that will continue to create benefits for the destination well into the future.

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Crystal Mcclelland, Content Editor, discusses with several experts from WSP in the Middle East how they help host cities develop and deliver sustainable and future-ready systems and events infrastructure.

WSP Middle East · Changing the game of event transportation and venue development

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

00:58– Elevating the travel experience for mega-event attendees starts with airport master planning

03:49– Sustainability in airport infrastructure and its interplay with travellers’ experience

05:07– Integrating airport terminals with transport and infrastructure networks

06:06– Future-proofing airport systems to meet the future needs of host countries

08:24– Developing user journeys from airports to the main attractions and areas of the host city

11:06– Contingency planning for fluctuations in travel demand

13:19– Ensuring successful delivery of fast-track projects

16:42– Typical challenges of fast-track projects and how to overcome them

19:27– Collaboration as the main requirement for the success of a fast-track project

20:56– Anticipating the future of demountable venues

23:14 – Future-proofing mega-event venues

27:44 – Environmental and quality advantages of demountable venues

29:10 – The long-lasting legacy of the event infrastructure and planning.


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