Saudi’s Transformation: Engineering the way to Vision 2030

16th February 2023
Tariq Shehabaddin
Graduate - Brand

In recent years, the Saudi government has undertaken a number of reforms aimed at modernizing the Saudi economy and improving the country’s social welfare. These reforms have included increasing access to education and healthcare, promoting women’s rights, and diversifying the economy away from oil.

Saudi engineers are at the forefront of this massive economic and social transformation. From developing new infrastructure to designing innovative and future-ready assets, they are helping to shape the future of the Kingdom.

In this episode of the WSP Anticipate Podcast, Tariq Shehabaddin, is joined by Walid Mahmoud, Country Director – KSA at WSP in the Middle East, to envision the future of Saudi and reflect on the role of Saudi engineers in the current transformation. The talk also unveils an array of fresh perspectives across various disciplines as Tariq Shehabaddin speaks to Ishraq Raml, Assistant Engineer, Omar Al Somali, Consultant – ESG Advisory, Mostafa Mandourah, Senior Engineer – Infrastructure Supervision, and Ammar Al Harbi, Graduate Engineer – Digital, about the value they add to their respective disciplines and their anticipation of the developments to happen in the engineering industry as a result of the current Saudi transformation.

WSP Middle East · Saudi’s Transformation: Engineering the way to Vision 2030

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

01:06 – Envisioning Saudi by 2030 and the changes anticipated to happen to the engineering industry because of the Saudi transformation

03:39 – The implications of the current transformation for existing cities

04:35 – The ESG aspects of the current regeneration schemes

05:28 – The future of existing cities in Saudi

06:16 – Saudi’s commitment to combating climate change

08:12 – Finding the right water sources to create new lungs for existing cities

08:57 – The role of technology in securing water for the new and existing developments

11:25 – Digitalization as a major enabler of the transformation in Saudi

12:53 – WSP’s efforts to meet the growing demand for digitalization in the Kingdom

14:44 – WSP’s commitment to supporting young Saudi talents

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