The Untapped Potential for Water Efficiency in the Middle East

22nd March 2023
Helen Bali
Head of Water

As temperatures rise and weather patterns become more extreme, the amount of water available for consumption is decreasing. This is particularly true in areas that are already water-stressed, such as the Middle East.

This episode features Helen Bali, Head of Water Networks at WSP Middle East and Alexander Euler, Managing Director at Hydraloop Middle East, as they address the underlying factors contributing to water scarcity and explore how countries in the Middle East can achieve greater water security.

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WSP Middle East · The Untapped Potential for Water in the Middle East

Unable to listen to the full episode? Here’s a snapshot of the key points discussed:

1:32: How does the Middle East fare with respect to water security?

4:17 What are the sources of water in the GCC?

6:56 Is desalination a panacea for all the issues related to water scarcity?

10:25 How does groundwater fit into the overall water security in Gulf counties?

12.24 One alternative for desalinated water is greywater – what are the uses of greywater?

16:01 What are the biggest challenges facing greywater reuse?

16:57 Where do gaps exist between transmission ad distribution systems within water networks?

20:51 Can strategic water reserves build resilience into the network?

24:05 Will more water recycling improve the long-term capacity of reservoirs?

25:56 How can we improve agricultural and beautification policies to relive the burden on aquifers?

29:14 Can water security provide a cushion for improving food security?

32:31 What economic signals can we use for instruments to incentivise good water behavior?

37:05 Where do we see most of the activity currently happening in the efficiency market?

40:03 What is the role of the private sector facilitating major infrastructure projects via PPP?

42:05 If you were given the ability to pursue a water passion project, sans constraints and finances, what would you pursue and why?

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