Nature’s Balance Sheet: Assessing Natural Capital in the GCC

14th December 2023
Daymion Jenkins
Advisory Director

How can we protect and restore nature while also creating value for businesses and society? This is the question that many leaders and organisations are grappling with, especially after the ambitious Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted at COP 15 in 2022. The framework aims to safeguard at least 30% of the world’s land and ocean ecosystems by 2030, among other goals.

To explore this topic, we have invited four of our WSP experts to share their insights and experiences. These are Daymion Jenkins, Advisory Director at WSP in the Middle East; Ludo Pittie, Landscape Director at WSP UK; Jenny Merriman, Technical Director at WSP UK; and Alex Cockerill, National Executive at WSP Australia.

In this podcast, our experts discuss the concept of natural capital, demystify how its approaches are being applied in different contexts and sectors, and what opportunities and challenges exist from incorporating nature conservation and restoration into business operations and strategy.

WSP Middle East · Nature’s Balance Sheet: Assessing Natural Capital in the GCC


Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

00:40 – Discussion on the assessment of natural capital, its importance, and different approaches

02:17 – The importance of incorporating natural capital value into decision-making processes

05:34 – Exploration of mechanisms for accounting biodiversity values and the complexities involved

09:34 – The benefits of natural capital assessment

17:43 – The environmental benefits of natural capital and the importance of the Conference of the Parties

23:26 – Financing opportunities for natural capital projects

35:11 – How to address biodiversity loss and accelerate relevant initiatives

38:37 – Emerging opportunities for financing and investment in nature

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