Decoding the UAE’s Energy Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

18th January 2024
Eman Husain
Senior Consultant ESG Advisory

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has set ambitious targets to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, making it the first Middle Eastern and North African nation to do so.

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Eman Husain, Senior Consultant ESG Advisory and Muhammad Qureshi, Manager – Energy Advisory, are joined by Dr. Hassan Javed, Energy Service Leader at WSP Middle East to explore the strategic dimensions driving the UAE towards a sustainable future in the energy sector.

The talk breaks down the UAE’s current position and future direction, unravelling the complexities of the UAE’s energy landscape and demystifying the transformative initiatives driving the nation’s commitment to a sustainable and resilient future.

WSP Middle East · Decoding the UAE’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality in Energy and Water

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

01:28 – The importance of conducting a thorough and comparative analysis to establish the UAE’s energy policy

02:15 – Key criteria for assessing the efficacy and relevance of policy instruments and fiscal mechanisms

03:40 – Priority areas across six strategic dimensions

06:17 – Overview of the UAE’s strategic energy diversification initiatives

07:52 – The UAE’s efforts in enhancing energy security and equity

11:26 – Discussion on policy monitoring, sustainable finance, and the importance of innovation in the energy sector

13:00 – Discussion on the UAE’s future energy security landscape

16:22 – The importance of pricing reforms and consumer protection in the context of energy equity

18:02 – Recommendations for UAE in terms of policy settings and evidence-based policymaking

19:20 – Access to sustainable financing for clean energy projects

20:26 – Elevating research and development efforts in the water supply sector

21:49 – Insights into the long-term water security outlook, including diversification, resilience, and security of supply

25:19 – Recommendations for the UAE to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

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