Atlantis The Royal: Engineering one of the world’s latest architectural marvels

20th February 2024
Liam O’Connell
Associate Director of Building Services

Atlantis The Royal Resort and Residences is the new Dubai landmark on The Palm and one of WSP’s most exciting recent projects in the region. But what makes Atlantis The Royal so special, and what does it take to create a project of such scale?

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Liam O’Connell, Associate Director of Building Services, is joined by Andy Veall, Senior Technical Director at WSP in the Middle East, and John Shamon, Chief Technical Officer at Atlantis The Royal, to share their comprehensive insights into the making of this ultra-luxury experiential resort.

This discussion explores the unique structural challenges, innovative design elements, and the exceptional teamwork that went into creating this architectural wonder, now ranked among the world’s best 50 hotels. Our guests also discuss their personal experiences and pivotal moments during the project, offering an insider’s view of what it takes to bring such a grand vision to life.

WSP Middle East · Atlantis The Royal: Engineering the world’s latest Architectural marvel

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

00:59 – The Journey of Atlantis The Royal and its evolution compared to its original vision.

02:41 – Discussion about the unique structural features of Atlantis The Royal.

05:47 – The multidisciplinary team collaboration and global contribution to the project.

07:47 – Design challenges and the use of technology.

10:00 – Discussion on how Atlantis The Royal and its sister hotel complement each other.

12:19 – The unique features of Atlantis The Royal that contribute to its global appeal and excellent guest experience.

16:12 – The lessons learned from Atlantis The Palm or other hotels and their implementation in Atlantis The Royal.

18:01 – Discussion on local and industry lessons learned and their implementation in the structural design of Atlantis The Royal.

20:23 – The impact of the project on the people involved and the legacy it created.

21:50 – Discussion on special moments during the project’s development.

22:00 – The awards received by Atlantis The Royal and its impact on structural engineering and future projects.

24:47 – Final reflections and thoughts on whether anything would be done differently if the project was redone.

30:23 – Kerzner’s future plans and upcoming projects.

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