From The Ground Up: Shaping Healthy Spaces

1st February 2024
Dalia Abdalla
Service Lead of Sustainable Development and Healthy Living

In today’s modern world, people spend most of their time indoors where air quality is found to be two to five times worse than outdoor air. But this is only one aspect of our indoor life and there are many more additional aspects that require our immediate attention.

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Dalia Abdalla, Service Lead of Sustainable Development and Healthy Living at WSP Middle East, is joined by Tekha Selim, Vice President, Global Market Development & Head of MENA Region, at Delos to explore these aspects and explain how buildings significantly influence our health and productivity.

From the integration of eco-friendly materials to the implementation of wellness-focused design principles, Dalia and Tekha explore the intricate relationship between the spaces we inhabit and our overall well-being and discuss the power of design in transforming our work, living, and communal spaces.

WSP Middle East · From The Ground Up: Shaping Healthy Spaces

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

00:27 – Delos’ mission as a global wellness leader.

02:27 – Discussion on aspects like air, water, lighting, and acoustics and their direct impact on health outcomes.

03:57 – Discussion about unexpected positive outcomes of the pandemic.

05:12 – The impact of heightened awareness about air and water quality, and good design.

05:22 – Changes in large-scale building project approaches

06:41 – Addressing new pathogen concerns in building design.

08:01 – The significant role of architecture design in influencing health and wellbeing.

08:27 – Positive impacts of inclusive design.

09:43 – The physical aspects of design and how they can affect people’s mood and mental health.

11:05 – Creating spaces that foster social interactions.

12:40 – The importance of indoor environments, especially in offices, due to the high amount of time spent indoors.

13:07 – A success story from an educational institution in the UAE.

16:12 – Governmental initiatives focusing on health ratings and incentives.

17:37 – Measuring the benefits of healthy buildings

19:34 – Reflections on the journey since 2013 and the growth and engagement from the public and private sectors.

21:37 – Increased public awareness about healthy buildings.

22:27 – COP28, decarbonisation of buildings and the relevant health benefits of climate-aware practices

26:38 – Discussion on changing perceptions through the right design decisions in buildings and communities.

27:11 – Responding to misconceptions about the cost of healthy buildings.

29:50 – Technology’s role in monitoring and improving environmental conditions.

32:20 – A message to policymakers and decision-makers about the importance of healthy buildings.


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