Boosting local expertise to preserve heritage and nature in Saudi Arabia

28th March 2023
Tareq Shehabaddin
Graduate - Brand

Saudi Arabia has been pushing the boundaries of innovation with its futuristic developments and cities while still keeping a firm focus on its culture, identity, and natural environment. From the Kingdom’s Capital, Riyadh, to its new mega-city Neom in the Tabuk province and the newly announced Mukaab, Saudi Arabia is on a mission to create a diverse range of hubs that can attract investment and talent.

Saudi engineers are driving these exciting new projects and are also contributing to keeping the Saudi nature and identity intact. In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Tariq Shehabaddin is joined by Bjarne Michael Iverson, Operations Director for Project Management Services at WSP in Saudi Arabia, along with several Saudi engineers to explore how they play a significant role in preserving the culture, identity, and nature of Saudi.

WSP Middle East · Boosting local expertise to preserve heritage and nature in Saudi Arabia

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

01:00 – How the engineering industry in the kingdom has changed and grown between the past and the present.

03:19 – The role of Saudi engineers in making a unique identity for Saudi and supporting its diversification plans

05:27 – How the current portfolio of projects in Saudi will create unique experiences for visitors

06:59 – The main challenges facing project and programme management in Saudi

08:00 – The end goal of the preservation of the cultural identity and heritage in Saudi

09:27 – The main challenges facing heritage preservation projects

11:29 – Protecting the Saudi natural habitat and endangered species

14:04 – How natural habitat preservation can contribute to Saudi’s economic diversification plans.

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