The Big Picture: Driving Sustainable Change with Health & Safety Transformation

25th April 2023
Georges Faraj
Senior Consultant - Health & Safety Management

With the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), many countries have begun to invest in health and safety transformation programs. In Saudi Arabia, Vision 2030 highlights the importance of health and safety as key factors in achieving sustainable development. The common factor between the UN SDGs and Saudi Vision 2030 is thus their emphasis on adopting a holistic approach to health and safety, addressing H&S issues at individual and organizational levels.

In this episode of the Anticipate podcast, Georges Faraj, Senior Health & Safety Management Consultant, is joined by Tahir Qadir, Health & Safety Service Lead, to explore the latest trends in H&S transformation and the main drivers behind H&S transformation programmes with a special focus on Saudi Arabia.

WSP Middle East · The Big Picture: Driving Sustainable Change with Health & Safety Transformation

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

01:23 – Health and safety as a crucial component in achieving the KSA Vision 2030

05:50 – The latest mega trends in health and safety transformation

12:03 – The main drivers for organizations to undertake H&S transformation

15:30 – The main aspects for organisations to consider as part of their H&S transformation

20:27 – The impact of organisational culture on safety and how to measure culture

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