Smart Cities Deep Dive – From Dubai to AlUla

18th May 2023
Nizar Jegham
Director - Digital Advisory Services

While urbanisation continues its momentum in our region, our cities are under pressure to maintain a high level of livability and productivity.

A smart city is where traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital solutions for the benefit of its inhabitants and the city as a whole. Smart cities go beyond the use of just digital technologies, as they aim to create a better experience, stronger resilience, and enhanced sustainability.

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Nizar Jegham, Digital Director, at WSP Middle East, is joined by Richard Dib, Smart City Manager at the Royal Commission for AlUla. The talk uncovers the differences and similarities between two smart cities in the region in terms of their strategies, codes and guidelines.

WSP Middle East · Smart Cities Deep Dive – From Dubai to AlUla

Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

01:03 – Richard’s journey within the smart city space from Dubai to AlUla smart cities.

03:15 – AlUla Smart City’s journey so far and how it is contributing to the vision of the Kingdom

07:01 – The main characteristics of AlUla Smart City strategy

09:03 – The differences and similarities between AlUla and Dubai smart cities

12:58 – Cascading down smart city strategies consistently across all relevant capital projects

16:17 – How engineering and consulting firms can support AlUla Smart City

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