The Future Ready® Story So Far

28th August 2023
Sophia Kee
Head of Future Ready

In this enlightening podcast episode, we delve into the depths of WSP’s groundbreaking Future Ready programme. Hosted by Sophia Kee, Head of Future Ready  for WSP in the Middle East, and featuring the insights of David Symons, Climate Change and Sustainability Director at WSP in the UK, this episode demystifies the evolution, implementation, and impact of Future Ready® across the organisation.

From its humble origins to its current global reach, David shares how the program was inspired by the need to anticipate future megatrends and their implications on WSP’s long-lasting designs, ranging from towering buildings to intricate transport systems. The episode explores how WSP’s forward-thinking approach not only benefits clients around the world but also attracts top talent, all while addressing complex challenges like climate change, societal shifts, and resource availability. Tune in to uncover the fascinating journey of WSP’s Future Ready® program and discover how it’s shaping the future of resilient design.

WSP Middle East · The Future-Ready Story So Far


Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

01:05 – The origins of the Future Ready program and how it started

02:20 – The purpose of Future Ready and how it challenges our people to design projects that thrive in anticipated future conditions.

03:06 – Implementing Future Ready: Gathering client feedback and starting small before expanding globally

04:26 – Future Ready’s expansion: From small beginnings to a global programme integrated into WSP’s projects

05:05 – The value of Future Ready for clients: Demonstrating the practical benefits of future thinking in design projects

07:07 – The value of Future Ready in balancing climate challenges and societal trends

08:07 – The role of Future Ready in addressing challenges and producing more clever designs for clients

09:05 – Using data and technology to predict future trends and provide insights to clients

10:17 – Our future plans for Future Ready

13:14 – Balancing climate changes with health and well-being trends

14:43 – Key challenges in the future and across regions

16:54 – Future Ready attracting top talent to WSP due to its innovative approach

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