Empowering Saudi Engineers: WSP’s Path to Transformation

15th September 2023
Tariq Shehabaddin
Graduate - Brand

In this episode of the Anticipate Podcast, Tariq Shehabaddin meets with a diverse panel of experts, Saudi engineers, and graduates to uncover the inspiring journeys of Saudi professionals within WSP’s dynamic Accelerated Graduate Programme (which has recently evolved and been rebranded into ‘Al Masar’). The episode also explores how national talents are driving change and fostering innovation in the Kingdom and the role of the private sector in propelling their careers forward.

WSP Middle East · Empowering Saudi Engineers: WSP’s Path to Transformation


This is the third episode in a series that dives into Saudi’s transformation. Click here to listen to the previous episodes:

Episode 1Saudi’s Transformation: Engineering the way to Vision 2030

Episode 2Boosting local expertise to preserve heritage and nature in Saudi Arabia


Unable to listen to the full episode? Fast-forward to the key discussion points via the players above:

00:50 – The skillset Saudi engineers need for the present and future

01:55 – WSP’s support for Saudi’s nationalisation objectives

03:12 – Tips for Saudi graduates on how to shape their careers

04:35 – How WSP collaborate with the public sector to offer learning and career opportunities for Saudis

05:51 – The role of young Saudi engineers in shaping the country’s future

07:23 – Challenges faced by graduate engineers

08:00 – Saudi Arabia’s future beyond 2030 and the role of engineers in the country’s development

08:55 – The benefits of project rotation and the value of project-based learning for graduate engineers

12:26 – Transitioning from the graduate program to a new role


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